At Momentum VA we offer two pricing options:

Flexible Project Rate

Senior VA: £30/hour
Junior VA/Bookkeeper: £25/hour

(£35/hour for face to face meetings and work undertaken at clients' premises)

Project Package Rates

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a personalised quote for your project.

Example Projects:

Bookkeeping Services


From £250/tax year or £25/month

Flexible rate: £25/hour



From £30/month

Flexible rate: £30/hour

Spreadsheet Optimization

Spreadsheet Optimization 

Complete Self-Assessment Accounts: £8.99
Receivables: £3.99
Payables: £3.99
To-Do-Lists: £3.99
--- and more ---

For bespoke spreadsheets please contact us for a quote.

Website Reviews


From £80 per website

Momentum VA  - Project VA (Virtual Assistant), Hertfordshire

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