What is a Virtual Assistant I hear you ask? 

The answer is simple. A Virtual Assistant can be your Office Angel or Admin Hero or even your Bookkeeping Saviour. The role of a Virtual Assistant is as varied as their skill set and can be tailored to your requirements.

• Do you need somebody to manage your emails for you?

• Or someone to make sense of the receipts you have been collecting, wishing that you could just send them to HMRC in a shoebox? (Yes, we are qualified bookkeepers and AML registered)

• Maybe you'd like to spend more time with your customers and less time doing boring adminy stuff? Yes, we totally made that word up, but the point stands. If you'd rather not spend your days creating invoices, updating your database or dealing with enquiries, then a Virtual Assistant might be the solution.

• Are you new in business or about to launch and would like someone to build you your very own website?

Have a browse of our website, find out more about what we do and make sure to get in touchWe'd love to hear from you to talk about how our team of Virtual Assistants and Bookkeepers can help you get on top of your To-Do-List, increase your revenue by creating more time to spend with your clients, scale your business or simply reclaim that illusive work-life balance.

Momentum VA is a team of Virtual Assistants and Bookkeepers based in Hertfordshire. Most of our clients come from St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn and surrounding areas but some do come from further afield. The joy of working remotely.

Currently there are three of us in the team and we all strive to provide the best possible service to you and your customers. It is our aim to consistently be responsive, efficient and transparent and we do love new challenges.

  -  And for your peace of mind, we can confirm that we are fully insured as well as being qualified Bookkeepers and registered for Anti Money Laundering.  - 

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about us or our services or check out our Facebook page. We are always up for a friendly chat.

How does a Virtual Assistant work?

Now, that is a very good question. Thank you for asking. The team at Momentum VA work remotely and flexibly, which has a number of advantages for you and your business. If we were to list them all we'd be here all day, so we'll give you an overview of just a few:

- Firstly, you won't have to spend time or money setting up a workstation. We have our own and it comes with all the standard IT and systems.

- Secondly, working flexibly means that we never sit around waiting for work. You know that feeling when your employees are twiddling their thumbs because it's been a quiet week! You won't get that with us. Because we work with a number of clients, we are able to only charge for time actually spent working for you. 

- Next up: Overheads! Who wouldn't like to reduce their overheads? We buy our own pencils, tea bags and loo roll. You won't have to pay us when we are ill or on holiday or are sitting around twiddling those thumbs. As mentioned above, you only pay us when we work for you.

- Last but not least. You get three of us for the price of one. Have a read through our bios below and see for yourself the variety in our backgrounds. We don't pretend that either one of us is good at everything, but together we'll go far. Most importantly, you can rest assured that you've hired a Pro to assist you.

Momentum VA Meet Anna Virual Assistant and Bookkeeper

My name is Anna Shephard and I am the Senior VA and Bookkeeper at Momentum VA. In 2009 I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a First-Class Honours Degree in International Business Studies. Thereafter, I worked in administrative and organisational roles within the tourism and events industries. In addition I have recently gained my AAT Level 2 & 3 Qualifications in Bookkeeping.

In 2017, I created Momentum VA because I believe that all businesses should be able to benefit from efficient, reliable and affordable business support. Excellent customer service is the backbone of any business and that is what I aim to provide to our customers.

My favourite part of being a Virtual Assistant is meeting new people and learning about their businesses. Happy customers are what makes me want to get to the office every day.

My favourite tasks are: Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Proofreading and creating Websites using WordPress.

Momentum VA Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor
Xero Advisor Certified
Nicola Pattison Bookkeeper at Momentum VA Virtual Assistant

I am Nicola Pattison and I joined Momentum VA in March 2020 after completing my Level 2 Qualification in Bookkeeping. I am currently continuing my studies and working towards completing Level 3.

My previous experience is within the financial services industry. I worked in Invoice Finance for 10 years with my latest role being Relationship Manager. My focus was on building and maintaining professional relationships, managing cash flow and looking after the sales ledger, credit control and reconciliations.

Customer service has always been at the heart of my job and I am looking forward to implementing this at Momentum VA.

My favourite part of being a Remote Bookkeeper is being able to learn new skills every day. Every client is unique and it's great to be able to figure out how to help each and every one of them.

My favourite tasks are: Bookkeeping and Invoicing. I am also looking forward to being able to complete Tax Returns as soon as I am fully qualified.

Momentum VA - Virtual Assistants and Bookkeeping Services, Hertfordshire

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