How to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

February 28, 2018 momentumva

At Momentum VA we love to help people run their businesses more efficiently, so please read on for a few pointers in the right direction:

Most importantly: Find the Efficiency Method that suits you best.

If you Google “Efficient Working” or a similar phrase, you will be shown many different ways of increasing your productivity, but it’s not about finding the best method out there; it’s about figuring out what works for you.
Try out a few methods and pick a few that work well together and most importantly, that work for YOU. Here are a few pointers:

– Plan your week/days in advance. That will enable you to get cracking as soon as you sit down at your desk.

– Use technology to speed up your workflow. From generic Word Templates to document sharing and accounting software – there is something out there for everyone.

– Spend the first 1-2 hours of the day rattling through your To-Do-Lists (and yes – be precise with your lists. Too many tasks and you will get overwhelmed – Too few and you will not get the return you are hoping for). Focus on the tasks at hand and the rest of the workload will fall into place.

– Control your cashflow. Make sure you get paid on time and don’t pay your invoices until you must.

– Tackle Limiting Beliefs. Get those worries out of your head, remind yourself of everything you have achieved in life and just get on with it. Otherwise you waste precious time procrastinating.

– Limit or at least control the time you spend on Social Media. It’s a no-brainer.

– Gain Momentum to work to your advantage. Take actions to reach your goals every day and develop a sense of urgency by setting yourself deadlines.

– Get your priorities straight. Know what you are good at and what you need to move your business forward – Delegate the rest or learn to say no.

Once you have got your work routine down: Outsource, outsource, outsource!

To be able to move your business forward, be sure to treat time as a valuable resource. Much of what you achieve in life depends on how you have chosen to spend your time in the past and successful people continually work on making the most of their time, so our advice is to outsource as much as possible. Outsource the tasks that take up too much of your valuable time. Outsource, the thinks you just don’t have the time for and those that you simply hate doing. You are the boss, so start acting like one.

BUT (I know, there is always that dreaded but), be mindful of your bottom line. You have a business to run, not a charity – so at Momentum VA we don’t recommend our services if we don’t think they add value and revenue to your business or help you gain back that well deserved time out for yourself.