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Momentum VA is your trusted Project VA. We take on the projects that have been holding you back or have been sat on your desk for way too long. We don't work with retainers or monthly contracts, so you can use our services from as little as 1 hour at a time. Please see below for a collection of projects we have taken on in the past. This list is only an example of what we do, so please contact us if you have any outstanding projects not listed.

Project Gallery:

Bookkeeping Services

We work with Business Owners and Accountants who wish to outsource their Bookkeeping or need help with their workload during busy periods. We keep accounts on a monthly basis, but have also dealt with the "shoe box" at the end of the tax year. We are AML Registered and AAT Qualified, so you can trust that your books are in good hands.

Cost: From £250/tax year or £25/month

Flexible rate: £25/hour


Some of our clients ask us to take on their monthly invoicing to ensure prompt payment and increase their cash flow.

From £25/month

Flexible rate: £25/hour

Spreadsheet Optimization

We have created a number of bespoke Spreadsheets for our clients to save them time and money in the long run. Spreadsheets can work especially well for keeping accounts and automating work processes.

Many of our clients make use of our standardised spreadsheets that can be purchased for a one-off fee.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Database Updates

We love to get stuck in data and have been working with several clients to get their CRM systems up to scratch, whether they are online or on a spreadsheet. We have also been able to save our clients time by turning a shoe box full of business cards into a spreadsheet or LinkedIn contacts.


Research Projects

We have taken on a number of research projects, including travel research, recipe collation and confirming contact data. It's easier and faster for us to do than it is for our clients, because we can specifically dedicate blocks of time to each project.


Proofreading Services

At Momentum VA we have worked on a number of proofreading assignments from websites to brochures and contract documents.


Phone Projects

Our past phone projects included credit control, double checking contact information, obtaining quotes from potential suppliers and more. Through these projects, we have been speaking to contacts both in the UK and Germany.


Website Reviews

At Momentum VA we have helped business owners get their websites (and other marketing material) online, by offering a bespoke review service. Many of our clients have their websites ready to go, but appreciate a new pair of eyes to check for typos and readability before going live.

From £80 per website. Contact us for a bespoke quote.

Email Campaigns

We have worked on the creation and implementation of Email Campaigns to our clients' specifications using MailChimp.

Contact us for a bespoke quote.

Flexible Rate:

Filing Systems

Keeping a filing system that works is essential for efficient working and we have created just that for our clients. We have set up online systems and helped get hard copies in order on site, where our clients were based in St Albans, Harpenden and surrounding areas.


Admin Backlog

Sometimes it happens to our clients that however hard they try, their To-Do-Lists never seem to get any shorter with a daily influx of emails, calls and new tasks. We have made a difference by spending a few hours at their office and going through as many tasks as possible, whether that be responding to emails, making phone calls or filing documents.


EU Relations

At Momentum VA we speak German, which has enabled us to help our clients when it came to liaising with EU customers and suppliers as well as organising business trips. We work with a number of other multilingual VAs, so there is a chance we can help with other languages too.


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