Momentum VA’s Efficiency Tips

February 22, 2018 momentumva

How many times have you found yourself sitting in front of a pile of To-Dos and not known where to start?
How often have you procrastinated because you didn’t know where to start or because the task in hand seemed too overwhelming?
Trust me, we have all been there. Many business owners understandably struggle to fit in all the work they have to do, so at Momentum VA we have done the research and come up with our Top 3 Tips on working more efficiently. Here they are:

Break large tasks down into small components

A giant task in front of you can seem overwhelming and demotivating. It’s easy to procrastinate when the work that needs doing doesn’t seem to have an end to it. Therefore, our first top tip is to break large tasks down. Instead of setting yourself the challenge of writing content for your new website, set yourself the challenge to write one piece of content every day.

Concise To-Do-Lists

Every evening, sit down and write yourself a To-Do-List for the next day, but make sure that you stick to no more than 5 items that can be achieved in half an hour or less. If need be, break larger tasks down. Every morning, start by completing this To-Do-List and you will get into a flow that will motivate you to work consistently and get your work done more easily.

To grow your Business, you need Momentum

It is true: To grow your business you do need Momentum, because if you don’t build Momentum in your business the work will keep piling up. Instead of getting stuck going nowhere, you need to find a flow, so make sure that what you do is challenging and relevant. Don’t waste time doing things that don’t bring your business forward. There are many components to building Momentum, but here is the one we find most relevant: Take a step every day to reach your goals, even if it’s only a small step. You will build Momentum as you go. To be more specific, pick a task that you think will move your business forward and do that task for half an hour each day. It won’t feel overwhelming, because it’s only a small amount of time each day, but over time you will notice how getting into a routine will enable you to make real progress in your business and once you feel upward Momentum, you won’t want to stop.