How Outsourcing Can Help Benefit Your Health.

April 6, 2020 momentumva
Outsourcing can benefit your health

Have you ever considered how outsourcing can be beneficial to your health? Possibly not. The thread of conversation is generally routed around retaining a steady work-life balance, but rarely is the benefit of health solely focused upon.

We know it’s hard to prioritise your physical and mental health whilst we are sailing though this Covid-19 storm. It has forced most families to work from home whilst providing childcare and home-schooling, all within claustrophobic isolation. Now more than ever it is important to consider how outsourcing can benefit your health and in turn, your work output.

Outsourcing gives you access to a multitude of skill sets at the fraction of the cost of hiring multiple employees

We of course are known for championing the importance of project delegation, it is literally our business model. We can’t endorse it enough. After all, outsourcing provides access to project specific specialists at a fraction of the cost of an employee, enabling business growth as a result. If that isn’t enough, all of these cause an overall healthier approach to work. So here it is, Momentum VA’s full list of reasons arguing that outsourcing can help benefit your health:

Outsourcing will save you money

The first and arguably the most important aspect of this blog is that outsourcing can save you money. Choosing to outsource must save you money compared to hiring an employee, otherwise why would you do it? It is cheaper than you think, with most Virtual Assistants charge between £25-£35 per hour. You can hire them on an ad-hoc, daily or long-term rate; whatever your company needs. You pay for the work completed, often by project requirement, which saves you money on just about everything.

Virtual Assistants don’t charge for holiday or sick days

There are no pension top-ups or equipment costs, nor payment for holiday and sick days. In addition to saving you money, it can also make you money. If your admin tasks are taken care of then you’ll have infinitely more time to do the work that makes you money. Do however make sure to track your return on investment. Make a conscious effort to record changes to your revenue and improvements in work-life balance, so that you can make an informed decision about whether outsourcing is working for you. Do keep in mind though, that the return you see will increase over time as your Virtual Assistant gets used to doing the work without much input from you.

Outsourcing saves money in both the short and long term.  This financial benefit will directly improve your mental health, as it transforms the time spent on admin into time to be spent on work which makes you money. There is nothing that shall make you happier and give you a spring in your step then both saving and making money.

Outsourcing will lower stress levels

Outsourcing those tricky or cumbersome tasks from your to-do list will ease your stress levels. It’s that simple. We have all had that high-pressured job; eating lunch at your desk and being the last one to leave. And when you do finally crawl out of the office, it certainly isn’t in the daylight.

Work gets done whilst you sleep

Outsourcing some of the load will get you back to working to a high standard. It will unclog the usual ‘work overload’ panic, enabling you to think logically and efficiently about those talent specific tasks that you should be accomplishing. Do however make sure you outsource the right tasks. From our experience, it’s big projects that take minimal time explaining that save you maximum time. Those that occur on a repeating basis will only have to be explained once and then the work gets done pretty much whilst you sleep.

Outsourcing will help grow your business

It sounds strange, I know. Spending money outside of your business on tasks you technically could complete yourself. Having said that, outsourcing helps lighten the load. Especially when it comes to those long and time-consuming to-do lists that bog you down and slow progress. By freeing up internal resources you will be able to utilise their skills on the job they were hired for, rather than the laborious admin, for example. And if it’s just you in the business, it will free up your time so you can work on running your business and generating revenue. Seeing your business grow is a wonderful feeling.

The moment you can pass the pressure, the gift is more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Growing your business and the associated success that accompanies it will improve your mental health; specifically your feelings of happiness and contentment. In an article released by Forbes, studies of positive psychology emphasise that happiness is the cause of success. Positivity makes your brain work more efficiently. Through your happiness gained via business growth will drive you to further success and happiness!

Outsourcing is good for your physical health

Fresh air, daily exercise, a walk at lunch. Sounds straightforward, but this isn’t always achievable when you are the main man or woman doing all the work yourself. Many of us can go days without taking some fresh air or escaping the bright UV lights overhead. This suggests a workload that is too heavy and unsustainable. By delegating tasks from your list and keeping your workload balanced, it will free up your time to take that all needed break. Let’s not forget, a happy mind is a more efficient one.

In conclusion…

Outsourcing can help benefit your mental and physical health. Whether it’s saving you money, time or increasing business growth, they shall aid to lower stress levels, increase happiness and improve your physical health.
The message is simple; Improve these factors and you shall see an increase in both your health and work-life balance. Outsourcing really does optimise your health: It’s a win-win scenario.

If you think you could do benefit from outsourcing office work, contact our lovely Virtual Assistants and we would be happy to help.

Adhoc, temporary or long term; our Virtual Assistants work by the minute and only charge for the time it takes to complete each task. This is what makes us a truly affordable resource. See our pricing structure, find out more about our team, or see what our clients have to say.

A message about Covid-19:

It is the smaller local businesses, like us, who are being hit hardest by the effects of Covid-19. Whether through a high number of staff struggling to meet targets when working from home, or business owners struggling to get work done with the kids around; the situation is making us all uneasy.

We would like to help everybody who has been affected adversely by Covid-19.

For the next 3 months, we are offering any of our services at a heavily reduced rate of £19 per hour in the hope we can ensure we are all still operating on the other side of this pandemic.

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