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Thursday, 2 January 2020 – By Momentum VA

How many times have you found yourself sitting in front of a pile of to-dos and not known where to start? How often have you procrastinated because you didn’t know where to start or because the task in hand seemed overwhelming? At Momentum VA we have done the research and come up with our Top 3 Tips on working more efficiently. Here they are... Read more


At this time of year, as working parents at Momentum VA we often find ourselves fighting through the harsh winds and rain (the kind that manages to get up and under the umbrella is just the worst) in order to get the kids to school before our working day even begins. It is lovely to come back to our cosy office to warm up and be thankful we are not in the park with our excited toddlers, dreaming of dry feet and hot chocolate.

But we, like many others, can struggle to stay motivated when the glorious British weather is so, well, British!

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated during this cold spell;

  1. Plan your day– Highlight your overall targets and time sensitive tasks. Lack of such planning can lead to procrastination and difficulty in getting a project up and running.
  2. Talk to your customers – Contact with people is good for the soul. Turn off your email and pick up that phone!
  3. Your motivation – What were the original goals you had when starting your business? This reminder will help you drive your vision forwards.
  4. Networking – These meetings are a great tool for seeking and sharing crucial advice with your peers. Much can be achieved over a cup of tea and a biscuit.
  5. Office space – People can often overlook the importance of office atmosphere. By keeping it bright, airy and uncluttered with a touch of background music can make all the difference to your motivation.

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